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How Are Our Leads Generated?
There are over 1 Billion users on Facebook. 

Studies have shown that more and more seniors are adopting this technology and using this as their primary source of communication.

Facebook gives businesses the ability to target users based upon their age, income, location (both where you live and/or where you are currently located), gender, and much more. 

With this ability, we are able to present potential clients in our defined target market and ask them if they're open to us helping them with their final expenses.

When a potential client requests a quote, we ask for their favorite hobby, name, phone number, and address and let them know that a licensed agent will be in contact with them shortly.

They are expecting YOUR call!
100% Exclusive
Each lead campaign submitted is created individually and uniquely just for you! You will be the only agent to ever receive each lead in your specific campaign. Period.
Immediate Delivery
As soon as your lead order is placed, we begin gathering your requirements and the necessary data and implement your lead campaign immediately! Most of the agent that trust us with their lead generation begin receiving leads within the first 12 hours.
Perfect Timing
Instead of waiting days, weeks or even months to receive a lead that is filled out today, you receive it immediately. What better time to talk to your prospect than within minutes of them requesting a quote and to speak with a licensed professional.
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